SVGito: Optimize Your SVG Sketch Exports

SVGito helps automate optimization for SVG images exported from Sketch.

SVG Optimization

Image optimization is a critical step in optimizing your website performance. It is even important to optimize your SVG images.

Many people might gloss over this step because they have the reputation for already being the optimized choice, but that isn’t always the case, and not all SVG images are created equal.


ThisSVGito is a little web app for optimizing SVG graphics. It automates a few improvements to SVG graphics so you don’t have to manually edit the code.

These optimizations reduce SVG complexity and file size but retain the same visual appearance.

You can clean up Sketch’s inside/outside border markup, replace single-instance <use> elements, remove unneeded fill rules, and remove empty <defs>.

SVGito is best when used before other optimizers, like SVGO.